The difference between Building Insurance and Content’s Insurance

Almost everyone will ask this question at least once in their lives if their property has suffered from a flood, fire, accidental or criminal damage. Are all these damages covered by your insurance policy? If so which one? It may not be as simple as you think. Let Insure Now explain in a bit more detail. There are two types [...]

The best postcodes for renters who want the best value in London

Insure Now have investigated the best value postcodes for renters in London boroughs. When you are looking to rent a property sometimes it is difficult to find good value in comparison with the quality of the property or even the neighbourhood. Boroughs seen to be the best areas tend to be terribly expensive and some boroughs which are described as [...]

How to correctly choose my Contents Insurance?

Nowadays, more and more people are renting houses instead of buying; this is because of the high price of properties. In this blog, Insure Now would like to advise you all you need to know about the type of Contents Insurance you need. What is contents insurance? This type of insurance covers loss or damage to items in your home, [...]

GENERATION RENT – Things to consider about your insurance

“Generation rent” has found its way into our lexicon because increasing numbers of young people are long-term renters rather than homeowners. The property ladder is simply out of reach for many. Since 1993, house prices have risen significantly faster than income and there is a shortage of affordable homes on the market. In London, the number of people who rent [...]

Blockchain: What does it mean for you?

Blockchain technology has been described as one of the best inventions since the internet. It allows value exchange without the need for trust or for a central authority. Many people assume that when we talk about blockchain, we are talking about cryptocurrency (for example, Bitcoin), but it actually has far wider uses including insurance. At Insure Now, we have answered [...]

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